There’s no sorry

By | CYH

I used to represent my school soccer team at different levels. During one of the training sessions I miskicked the ball and apologised to my senior teammate.

He looked at me and said “there’s no sorry” sternly. That incident stuck with me even till today.

I reflected and realised he was right. There’s no point apologising because what’s done is done. What he expects is that I do better the next time.

This is the same when we underperform in any area of our life.

Bosses don’t want to hear sorry. They want us to do better next time.

Customers don’t want to hear apologies. They expect better service in the future.

Spouses don’t want us to apologise. They want us to value the relationship more.

Sorry is easy. Sorry is getting sympathy for underdelivering. Sorry is tolerating your substandard actions.

Don’t apologise. Acknowledge and commit to doing better. And really deliver.

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