3 Tasks: Easy, Dreaded, and Challenge

By | CYH

Each day you are confronted with three distinct tasks – they are Easy, Dreaded, and Challenge.

Easy tasks are typically routine stuff. You know how to do them and they don’t take much effort to complete.

Dreaded tasks, while also routine in nature, demand more effort, and there are days when you may lack the motivation to do them.

Challenge tasks, on the other hand, are difficult and you don’t know how to do them. They take you out of your comfort zone. However, you can break them down into the initial steps, taking action, and continuously refining your approach and getting closer to the solution.

If the majority of your days are spent on Easy tasks, you may be occupied, but your achievements may be limited.

Conversely, if you find yourself primarily engaged in Dreaded tasks, you might be working hard, but this can lead to burnout without significant growth.

The most substantial growth occurs when you dedicate time to Challenge tasks, as they compel you to acquire new skills and improve your problem-solving abilities, expanding your comfort zone.

You will get to do all three types of tasks each day. But don’t fill your days with Easy and Dreaded tasks even though they needed to be done. Dedicate time for Challenge tasks so you can get breakthroughs.

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