Decentralizing into social classes

By | CYH

Crypto stands on the moral high ground of decentralising the powers from the few. But inadvertently social stratification exists within the crypto community just like the real world – the have’s and the have not’s.

It is simply about shifting power from one domain to another. Those who are enjoying the power in the present world detest crypto and those who are disadvantaged in the current game are the ones that have moved to crypto big time.

Of course, we gravitate towards where we can reign supreme. Basic game theory and the competition of our genes.

I always find George Orwell’s Animal Farm being prescient about human behaviour in many contexts.

Paraphrasing a famous quote from the book which is relevant for crypto,

In a decentralised world, all crypto holders are equal but some are more equal than the others.

The difference between the moral cause and the reality of cryptocurrency cannot be more stark. A big irony.

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