Why people pay for investment courses?

By | CYH

David Perell posted something close to my heart as I run courses and charge attendees for them.

There are always people who don’t believe it is worthwhile to pay for self-development courses because everything is available in books and the internet. They don’t get it why others are willing to pay thousands of dollars for these courses.

But they don’t understand that not everyone is as motivated as them to self-learn. The buyers are not just buying information…

They pay for motivation to change.

They pay for commitment and accountability to change.

They pay for companionship in a journey of change.

They pay for the chance of becoming better versions of themselves.

They pay to shortcut their learning curve.

They pay for expertise and experience.

They pay to learn from other people’s mistakes.

They don’t just pay for information.

Don’t judge others based on your worldview and situation.

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