Sell what people want, not what they need

By | CYH

I keep falling into the trap of building a business based on what the customers need, instead of just giving them what they want. It is the morality that I hold upon myself – I believe what the customers want is not good for them and hence, I don’t want to sell them what I think is bad for them. It makes me feel like a bad person.

I’m not sure where that righteousness come from. Maybe I choose to believe I am being righteous, but the truth might be the case where I don’t want to be labelled as a bad person. The ego must be speaking all this while.

A business would definitely be more profitable if I sell what people want, instead of me insisting what is good for them.

I will use the following contrasts to help you understand what I mean.

It is easier to sell fried chicken than salad even though the former is bad for people. Likewise for bubble tea.

The reason why we haven’t make much headway to battle climate change is because the compromises are not what everyone is willing to suffer for. We do not have enough people to want to give up cars, air-con and straws.

I believe you can come out with a lot more examples, and often they are very successful brands and profitable businesses.

Going back to my business, here’re what I scope out for my prospects and clients between their wants and needs.

I’m definitely offering closer to the needs side while our competitors are closer on the wants side. No wonder they get better sales.

There could even be legality issues on the wants side which I definitely don’t want to cross. Scams definitely fulfil all the wants at once. It is important to stay on the right side to keep the game going.

I still don’t know exactly what I can sell that would fulfil the wants while not infringing the law. But I know it is a right strategic steer I should take and stop listening to my ego or narcissistic approach of changing the world – imposing what I think people need.

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