Opportunities + Edge = Pursue

By | CYH

Opportunities are abound and come to you at different points in your life. While it sounds nice to pursue all the opportunities thrown at you, you should be selective and pursue those opportunities where you have an edge.

An edge means you have attained a relevant skill at a higher level compared to others. The reverse is true – it isn’t a good idea to pursue an opportunity where others are better than you – because you will have a higher chance of losing such that you are better off not pursuing it. You could have directed the resources elsewhere and avoided the opportunity cost.

It is important to remember that you are not the only person to be given the opportunity. Competition is very real in the modern world. You need to know where you stand among your competitors. Not all opportunities are worth fighting for.

The good news is that an edge can be developed. This is where you spend time and effort to become better in something. But you won’t know when the opportunity would come. You are just preparing. Most people are not motivated enough to do this.

But hard work alone isn’t enough to guarantee you success. You will need luck for the opportunity to show up and you pursue with all that you have got when you know this is what you excel in.

Others will see your success as luck but you have actually paid your dues by preparing for it and selectively taking up the right opportunities.

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