Make it happen or make excuses

By | CYH

When you don’t win in Olympics, you say it isn’t about the medal.

When you are not rich, you say life isn’t about money, there are things money cannot buy and rich people may not be happy.

Do you truly mean it or you are just making yourself feel better for not achieving what you truly desire?

It is alright if you have none of these desires. Not everyone wishes for the same thing. No one should judge your goals.

But it is not ok when you actually desire it but lie to yourself that it is alright not having it. This would make it harder for you to achieve what you want, and you will forever harbour that unhappiness within you. It is a defeatist mindset.

It is ok to fail. But it is not ok to say it is ok not having it. Say that you will do it better the next time. Come back stronger.

Make it happen or make excuses.

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