I am a Brave Rewards Creator

By | CYH

Most people use Chrome as a web browser. There is an alternative in Brave browser.

But why switch? Here are some reasons.

First, Brave provides better privacy and blocks user data and behaviour trackers when using the browser. We all know that many websites like to collect our information and use it to target ads on us.

Second, you can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency, when you see ads on the Brave browser. At least you get some monetary reward in exchange for your time and attention. Big tech companies would never share ad revenue with you.

Third, you can tip and reward deserving content creators with cryptocurrencies. We are moving into a creator economy and this would build a direct relationship between creators and consumers without a tech platform as a middleman.

I am pretty excited about the development of crypto and the vision of creating a new decentralised internet (web3). I want to be part of it and hence I have signed up as a Brave Rewards Creator and enabled this blog to receive BAT tips.

If you have some BAT and using a Brave browser, plus you like me, you can consider tipping me for the fun of it.

Even if you don’t, I think it is worthwhile to give Brave browser a try (it has a mobile app) and hopefully you will stop seeing crypto as a form speculation but instead it has useful applications.

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