Air Travel Entropy

By | CYH

Most of us have not travelled out of the country after Covid struck.

Air travel has not fully recovered its capacity yet, if ever.

And now we have to do testing before and after a flight.

Air travel is a complex system and vulnerable to increasing entropy – there is a high tendency that it becomes even more complex and chaotic overtime.

Remember how Sep 11 attack changed air travel?

We have to go to the airport an hour earlier than usual just to cater enough time to go through security checks. We can’t bring a lot of things onboard. Not even water.

And after every aircraft accident, new layers of safety checks and protocols are added.

Now, air travel means we have to make sure passengers are not illegal immigrant, or smuggling illegal items like drugs, or a terrorist, or a Covid virus carrier.

The pre and post flight measures will only get expanded, not reduced.

Entropy tells us we should expect more measures to be added in the future.

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