A vuja de situation at lunch

By | CYH

Today I did something different during lunch – I ordered from a stall that I have never patronised or expect myself to patronise. But I did.

To amuse myself further, I noticed the adjacent stall which sells fruits and juices was another stall I have never patronised.

I have been having my lunches at this place for the past 3 years and yet I have a handful stalls I have never patronised. Yeah, old wise Pareto was right.

But more importantly, it was a vuja de situation for me (opposite of déjà vu) – I have seen these stalls every day but I am almost blind to them until out of the blue one day I found it refreshing to have something new to eat for lunch.

Vuja de is powerful in our lives and everyone of us will experience it from time to time. It helps us gain new perspectives on otherwise mundane routine or common stuffs we encounter each day.

It could be a friend you had all along but never thought could be your life partner.

It could be a new route to office that shortens the travel time by half.

It could be a solution you had to a perennial problem but you just didn’t come around to realise it.

Our lives can be more enriching and rewarding with more vuja de situations. We should be more deliberate about creating them.

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