Year 2040… a parent may say

By | CYH

My kid doesn’t work in a company. He is in several projects:

1) he is in the team to design a 3D printing blueprint of a spacecraft part for SpaceX

2) he is also helping a Chinese company coming out w some programmatic advertising on Douyin

3) he is also involved in improving the Ethereum programming language, Solidity, to enable new functions

4) he has his own social media channel where he geeks out on stuff he does on a regular basis and has 1m followers

Each project earnings range from $5,338 to $17,003.

1) He saves half of it and invests into:NFT art and soccer cards

2) bought and rented out pieces of NFT land on decentraland, upland and sandbox

3) LP at several DEXes

4) roboadvisors in good ol stock and bond markets

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