Do something for love and something for money

By | Life, Yin Yang

(Excerpt from How do you do what you love and make money by Derek Sivers)

First: balance. You’ve heard about balancing heart and mind, or right-brain left-brain, or whatever you want to call it. We all have a need for stability and adventure, certainty and uncertainty, money and expression. If you have too much stability, you get bored. If you don’t have enough stability, you panic. So keep the balance. Do something for love and something for money. Don’t try to make one thing satisfy your entire life.

… Don’t expect your job to fulfill all your emotional needs. Don’t taint something you love with the need to make money from it. Don’t try to make your job your whole life. Don’t try to make your art your sole income. Let each be what it is, and put in the extra effort to balance the two, for a great life.

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