Motivator-Motivation Matrix

By | CYH, Matrix

I came out with this matrix after observing others and reflecting on my behaviour. It has some resemblance to Peter Thiel’s matrix.

Lure of Success + High Motivation. Some people are more motivated by success than failure. They have big ambitious visions, dreams and goals. They are so motivated by them that they keep working hard and overcome obstacles to go closer to what they want. They don’t give up no matter how difficult it gets. The American dream is an example of this ethos. We are likely to see the richest and the most famous from this quadrant. Even if one does not reach the pinnacle, they won’t fall too far from the stars. Of course, there will also be lots of failures who didn’t make it. The failures are a bigger group than the successes but people in this quadrant are unfazed by the odds.

Fear of Failure + High Motivation. Some people are more motivated by failure than success. They lack a vision or may just have small achievable goals. They don’t aim to do big things. But failure is non-negotiable. They will be highly motivated to fix things if anything threatens their livelihood, standard of living or standing in society. In doing so, they avoid failures and they continue to cruise in their lives thereafter without much fanfare. They might even fear big dreams and visions because the chances of failure are much higher, and it is unlikely they pursue something which they are trying to avoid in the first place. This group may also appear to be competitive but it was more about keeping up with the Joneses – not being able to keep up can be a sign of failure.

Lure of Success + Low Motivation. Some people want success but they are not motivated to do anything about it. They have big dreams and goals but deep down they probably don’t believe they can achieve them. Talking about them is easier than taking action and to work through the obstacles. They do not achieve much as years pass by.

Fear of Failure + Low Motivation. Some people aren’t motivated at all, either by success or failure. They ‘resign to their fate’. They believe it is futile to do anything about improving their lives. Nothing works for them or so they believe. They are likely to receive help from others perpetually by victimising themselves.

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