Growth hacking starts from product market fit

By | Marketing

(Extracted from Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday)

You know what the single worst marketing decision you can make is? Starting with a product nobody wants or nobody needs.

… products—even whole businesses and business models—can and should be changed until they are primed to generate explosive reactions from the first people who see them.

… trying new iterations until they had achieved what growth hackers call Product Market Fit (PMF). That is, the product and its customers are in perfect sync with each other.

… Today, it is the marketer’s job as much as anyone else’s to make sure Product Market Fit happens.

… The prize and spoils no longer go to the person who makes it to market first. They go to the person who makes it to Product Market Fit first. Because once you get there, your marketing efforts become like a spark applied to a bed of kindling soaked in kerosene. The old way? It’s striking a match . . . and hoping it starts a fire somewhere.

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