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Branding should be a byproduct of direct marketing for small businesses

(Extracted from No B. S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy) I am not opposed to brand-building. I am opposed to paying for brand-building. … Brand power can be acquired as a no-cost byproduct of profitable...

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Why branding is a good moat

(Extracted from Double Your Profits: In Six Months Or Less by Bob Fifer) If the cost of entry is $100 million to build a new plant or invest in product and inventory, and if a competitor’s entry into the market...

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Small businesses don’t have budget to do branding ads effectively

(Extracted from The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib) … a major problem arises when small businesses try to imitate the big brands with this type of marketing. The few times they run their ads is like a drop in...

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