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Crony beliefs vs merit beliefs

(Excerpt from Crony Beliefs by Kevin Simler) I contend that the best way to understand all the crazy beliefs out there — aliens, conspiracies, and all the rest — is to analyze them as crony beliefs. Beliefs that...

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We see the world the way we want it to be

(Excerpt from The Almanack of Ravikant) The number one thing clouding us from being able to see reality is we have preconceived notions of the way it should be. One definition of a moment of suffering is “the moment...

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Live in a fake cosy world or the matrix

(Excerpt from Thinking In Bets by Annie Duke) In the movie, the matrix was built to be a more comfortable version of the world. Our brains, likewise, have evolved to make our version of the world more comfortable: our...

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