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Praise kids for their effort, not smarts

(Extracted from Raising the Best Kids You Can by Ben Carlson) In his book, Sapolsky references the work of psychologists Carol Dweck and Claudia Mueller. In the late-1990s, they worked with a classroom of 5th...

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I always wanted to quit when I could still win so that I can play football with my little boy

(Extracted from Fat, Happy, And In Over Your Head by Morgan Housel) Marcel Hirscher is the greatest ski racer in history, winning the World Cup Overall title in each of the last eight years. Few of you have heard of...

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Garbage Time, Not Quality Time

Jerry Seinfeld on Father’s Day: I don’t need any special days. I mean they’re all special. We spend a lot of time together and I enjoy every second of it. Again, I’m a believer in the ordinary and the mundane....

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